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Principal Investigators

Misti Malone, PhD, U.S. FDA

Melanie Raska, Boston Scientific

Daniel Bertges, MD Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS), Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI)

RAPID Phase III- Pathways Mission

  • Provide a pre-competitive, neutral ground in which to convene and facilitate collaboration among multiple independent stakeholders that have interest in peripheral arterial disease (PAD) device evaluation 

  • Support the safe, efficient and informed prospective use and evaluation of PAD devices in clinical practice and clinical trials throughout their lifecycle 

  • Promote and utilize coordinated PAD registry networks in the assessment of PAD devices 

  • Facilitate the alignment of strategies, analytics and reporting in order to achieve a more expeditious and informative signal discernment of PAD devices including drug eluting technologies 

  • Promote principles of leaner and more efficient prospective and retrospective device safety/benefit PAD device evaluation and potentially generalizable beyond PAD devices in alignment with RAPID’s designation as a NESTcc Demonstration Programs

Working Groups

Work Products

Consensus Minimum Core Data Elements Adapted to Peripheral Vascular Intervention in the Drug-Eluting Era:  Consensus Report from the Registry Assessment of Peripheral Interventional Devices (RAPID) Pathways “Lean” Working Group

One-year follow up of vascular intervention trials disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic: A use-case landscape

Lessons Learned from the Paclitaxel Mortality Signal

Patient Science Webinar 101

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