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Leadership Team

Dr. James Tcheng, Duke University (Chair)

Dr. Alan Matsumoto, America College of Radiology (Co-Chair)

Dr. Nicholas Carruthers, Society for Vascular Surgery (Co-Chair)

Dr. Asiyah Yu-Lin, U. S. Food and Drug Administration (Co-Chair)

Dr. Ted Heise, MedInstitute (Co-Chair)

Rebecca Wilgus, MSN Duke Clinical Research Institute (Project Leader)

Work Product

Through consensus across patient, clinician, informatics, industry and regulatory sectors, we will develop a set of tools and artifacts that will enable the capture, aggregation and analysis of high quality, real world data for the evaluation of peripheral vascular interventional devices.


This will be accomplished by leveraging informatics and data science to specify clinical concepts as interoperable discrete data elements, augmenting the predicate work of the RAPID core common peripheral arterial disease (PAD) terminology set with information provided by patients and with healthcare administrative data, and ultimately enabling analytics via the specification of a RAPID Common Data Model built upon existing data models such as Sentinel and PCORNet.

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