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Debi Willis

PatientLink Enterprises

Debi Willis is the CEO and Founder of PatientLink Enterprises, a software company focused on creating products to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare industry. She was recently named by Health Data Management magazine as one of “11 Leading Innovators in Healthcare IT”. Her latest product, MyLinks, won first place in the recent ONC Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge. MyLinks is a health-focused platform which allows patients to gather and aggregate their medical records from all their health providers, transmit their records to anyone they desire, and link with family/friends and researchers. The main goal of MyLinks is to save lives and find cures faster by enabling patients to easily gather and share their records with research. Debi will be sharing the new laws, new healthcare technologies, and consumer expectations that will have a tremendous impact on research in the near future. An overwhelming majority of patients have indicated a willingness to directly share their data for medical research, fundamentally changing healthcare and   research - making it truly “better, faster, cheaper”.

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