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RAPID - Phase II

Principal Investigators

Pablo Morales, MD, U.S. FDA

Robert Thatcher, 4C Medical Technologies

Jack Cronenwett, MD, Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS), Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI)

Goals & Aims

  • Implement the RAPID core data set (clinical and GUDID data elements) in a variety of healthcare information systems to advance the collection and exchange of interoperable electronic health data;

  • Represent the RAPID core data elements (CDEs) in interoperable, standards-based models (LOINC, SNOMED, HL7);

  • Describe a minimal set of common domain variables (general patient identifiers & common clinical data elements) needed to aggregate data sets from multiple sources;

  • Develop a core set of unique device attributes (AUDI) to complement the RAPID core data set and common domain variables to support PAD studies;

  • Assess & evaluate quality of data in the AccessGUDID database for devices used to treat peripheral vascular disease;

  • Develop projects to demonstrate extraction & use of patient-level data for the RAPID core data elements to support regulatory applications;

  • Assess and evaluate data governance, sharing, access and publication guidelines of RAPID data partners

Working Groups

Phase II Work Products

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