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Brian McCourt

Director of Clinical Research Informatics
Duke Clinical Research Institute
Durham, North Carolina

Brian McCourt is an active leader and significant contributor to various professional societies, research programs and standards development initiatives in clinical informatics and translational research. With over 17 years’ experience supporting both academic investigator initiated clinical research and industry sponsored pharmaceutical and device projects, plus leading a variety of infrastructure initiatives supporting large research programs and organizations, Mr. McCourt has unique experience representing the breadth of clinical and research informatics. His specific interests are related to integration of data for clinical research programs with complex data sharing and governance requirements, such as leveraging data from core labs, electronic health records and enterprise business systems. The organizational and technical challenges around integration of patient care workflows and secondary reporting are a particular research interest. Mr. McCourt has experience with multiple Public Private Partnerships and research networks/consortium and helped launch and served as founding co-chair of the HL7 Cardiology Special Interest Group and the HL7 Clinical Interoperability Council. These created necessary forums for developing consensus based clinical data standards formally integrated with the technical specifications to enable interoperability among healthcare and research systems. Mr. McCourt will support the MDEpiNet Coordinating Center leadership and oversee the contributions of the informatics team.


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