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Anna McCollister-Slipp
Chief Advocate for Participatory Research
Scripps Translational Science Institute
San Diego, CA

Ms. McCollister-Slipp is the Chief Advocate for Participatory Research at Scripps Translational Science Institute, and the Co-Founder of Galileo Analytics, a Visual Data Exploration and advanced data analytics company focused on democratizing access to and understanding of complex health data. Ms. McCollister-Slipp’s passion for improving health care research through innovation in health data analytics is rooted in her personal experiences living with type 1 diabetes for 28 years. In her professional and personal activities, she seeks to build platforms for better understanding of and engagement with the needs of patients. She speaks frequently about the need for innovation in medical device data and technology, promoting data standards, device interoperability and user platforms aimed at empowering patients to better manage their health. In addition, Anna is a vocal advocate for improving methods for comparative effectiveness research and the development of more refined outcomes measures to better guide care and assess treatments. She serves on the FDA/ONC/FCC HIT Policy Committee’s FDASIA Working Group, which will help guide the development of a nationwide HIT infrastructure. She is a member of the FDA’s advisory committee on General Hospital and Personal Use Medical Devices, and serves on the advisory committee for FDA’s MDEpiNet, which is working toestablish a system for improving medical device product safety surveillance and comparative effectiveness research.

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