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High-Performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE)

MDEpiNet-HIVE is a technology that provides a secure healthcare biomedical data archival ecosystem. MDEpiNet-HIVE maintains a standardization and harmonization framework, high performance analytics, and an integrator platform. Dr. Vahan Simonyan is the lead instructor of HIVE efforts.

The recent implementation of HIVE hardware and software at the FDA presents a great opportunity for exploring new ways of analyzing vast amounts of data and deriving evidence that is more comprehensive to characterize a medical product.

HIVE is a distributed storage and computation environment and a multicomponent cloud infrastructure.

  • HIVE provides secure web access for authorized users to deposit, retrieve, annotate, and compute on biomedical big data.

  • HIVE allows users to analyze the outcomes using web interface visual environments appropriately built in collaboration with internal and external end users.

  • HIVE integrates patient-facing mobile apps to collect patient-reported outcomes

  • HIVE supports registry development as an centralized platform

In addition to the initial HIVE applications to next generation sequencing, the current universe of HIVE projects covers tailor-made applications involving dimensionality analysis, federated and integrated data mapping, modeling and simulations that are applicable to basic research, biostatistics, epidemiology, clinical studies, post-market evaluation, manufacturing consistency, environmental metagenomics, outbreak detection, etc.

MDEpiNet Coordinating Center currently supports various HIVE pilot projects in women’s health technologies and cancer settings. Patient and physician registry platforms are being developed as well as infrastructure for hosting registry and claims data and conducting data linkages that are distributed and centralized to support national and international collaborations.

  • Featured projects:

    • Customized FHIR app for projects such as stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse repair. These are being tested on mobile and connected devices through work with clinical teams to finalize the data elements for terminology and refine the app with feedback on usability.

    • CRF to collect data from registry partners for prospective ICVR project of ruptured AAA

    • SPARED registry development

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