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MDEpiNet Claims Based Research Initiative (CBRI)

The Center coordinates research within this program to evaluate current and innovative devices and device-based interventions in medicine. Collaborating with clinical departments at Weill Cornell Medicine, the project aims to provide information and evidence for physicians and patients to facilitate informed clinical decision-making.

The scope of the CBRI initiative includes the evaluation of device or procedure safety and efficacy and assessment of the impact of provider characteristics on patient and device outcomes. The program has access to a number of datasets including Medicare, New York State comprehensive discharge data, SEER-Medicare data for various cancer surgeries, and National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data, as well as international registry data for various surgical procedures. The program has expanded with the formal development of the Institute for Health Technologies and Interventions at Weill Cornell Medicine, which collaborates with various clinical departments, depicted below:


Major Research Areas

  • Research in radiology focuses on procedures and devices used in interventional radiology. These procedures and devices, such as liver tumor ablation, kidney tumor ablation, and inferior vena cava, may be used for cancer and non-cancer treatment.

  • Featured projects:






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